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About RestreposRafael and Mary have been missionaries for over thirty years having been involved in seven church plants. They began their overseas ministry in the country of Uruguay, where they trained as church planters. While serving there, their mission asked them to transfer to Barcelona, Spain, where they ministered until 1995.

The Restrepos then transferred to the city of Murcia to start a new church, which is currently thriving. In 2004, the challenge to start an English speaking church in Torrevieja was accepted and in 2010 the family moved to concentrate on the young International Church.

The Torrevieja Church is divided into 3 groups: an English Speaking Congregation, a Dutch Speaking Congregation and a Spanish Speaking Congregation, each with its own national Pastor. From this base of operation, they have been assisting national workers in North Africa, Cuba, Colombia, Bolivia and most recently in Nicaragua.

Rafael was born in Colombia, South America, and went to live in New York at the age of nine. He accepted Christ as Savior in the cafeteria of a machine shop at the age of nineteen. His life changed quickly when he began to follow Jesus instead of the things he had learned on the streets of New York. A few months later, he went off to Bible School in Arkansas where he met Mary.

Mary was raised on a farm in Nebraska and had the privilege of being reared in a Christian home. Both Rafael and Mary made separate commitments to serve God on the mission field. Rafael pastored churches in Arkansas and the Bronx, New York before marrying in June of 1986. Then, in January of 1987, the newlywed couple arrived on the mission field in Uruguay. Since then, God has blessed their marriage, giving them four beautiful, now adult daughters.

Please pray for Rafael and Mary Restrepo as they minister in this corner of God’s vineyard.

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